Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award Recipients

The Fulbright Program is the U.S. Department of State’s international educational exchange flagship program for faculty and professionals to teach, conduct research, complete a professional project or participate in a seminar.

Fulbright grants are highly competitive and prestigious awards that enable people-to-people engagement across cultures in 160 partner countries. Fulbright fellows’ projects have a lasting impact on the host as well as the home institution and community and are often followed by years of continuous contact, collaboration and exchange. To learn more, visit http://fulbrightscholars.org.


Name Discipline Program Country Academic Years Host Institutions
Minye Tang Accounting/Finance Portugal 2022-2023 ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon
Mark Macgowan Social Work Spain 2022-2023 University of Murcia
Pouyan Esmaeil Zadeh Info Sciences/Systems Canada 2022-2023 McMaster University
Amy Paul-Ward Medical Sciences Trinidad & Tobago 2022-2023 University of the Southern Caribbean
Erica Harris Accounting/Finance Ireland 2021-2022 Dublin City University
Whitney Bauman Theology/Religion Indonesia 2021-2022 Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies
Hilary Landorf France 2021-2022 Franco-American Commission for Educational Exchange
Joel Heinen Biology Uganda 2021-2022 Makerere University
Lukas Danner Political Science Iceland 2020-2021 University of Iceland
Kenneth Lipartito History Canada 2020-2021 University of Toronto
Natalie Castellanos Law Argentina 2020-2021 University of Buenos Aires
Susanne Zwingel International Relations Trinidad & Tobago 2020-2021 Institute for Gender and Development Studies
Jean Charles Sociology Haiti 2019-2020 State University of Haiti
Carolin Lusby Travel/Tourism Brazil 2019-2020 Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro
Deodutta Roy Medical Sciences India 2019-2020 Jamia Hamdard
Norman Munroe Engineering Guyana 2019-2020 University of Guyana
Hilary Jones History Senegal 2019-2020 Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar
Charles Jalloh Law Sweden 2018-2019 Lund University
Kenneth Feeley Biology Colombia 2016-2017 National University of Colombia
Stephen Barnett Business Austria 2016-2017 Management Center Innsbruck
Jorge Zumaeta Economics Canada 2016-2017 University of Alberta
Jacob Sudol Music Taiwan 2015-2016 National Chiao Tung University
Nicholas Onuf International Relations Greece 2015-2016 Panteion University
Jorge Esquirol Law Italy 2015-2016 University of Trento
Alpesh Patel Art History Poland 2015-2016 Adam Mickiewicz University
Jennifer Hoyte Education Guyana 2015-2016 University of Guyana
Aparajita Maitra Education Germany 2015-2016 The German-American Fulbright Commission
Elizabeth Anderson Physical Sciences Peru 2013-2014 Museum of Natural History
Whitney Bauman Humanities Indonesia 2013-2014 Gadjah Mada University
Mark Macgowan Professional/Other United Kingdom 2012-2013 University of Edinburgh
Phyllis Kotey Law Ghana 2012-2013 Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Julia Herzberg Humanities Chile 2012-2013 Diego Portales University
Manuel Barbieri Biological Sciences Bolivia 2012-2013 University of San Simon
David Cohen Professional/Other France 2011-2012 Universite de Poitiers
Assefa Melesse Engineering Ethiopia 2011-2012 Bahir Dar University
Maria Lino Arts Peru 2011-2012 National School of Fine Arts
David Bray Physical Sciences Mexico 2010-2011 National Polytechnic Institute
Elizabeth Foley Law Ireland 2010-2011 National University of Ireland, Galway
Mehmet Yavas Humanities Malta 2010-2011 University of Malta
Emmanuel Roussakis Business Romania 2010-2011 Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies
Matthew Mirow Law Chile 2009-2010 Catholic University of Valparaiso
Walter Tang Engineering Estonia 2009-2010 Tallinn University of Technology
Eric Dwyer Education Rwanda 2009-2010 National University of Rwanda
Suzanne Koptur Biology Mexico 2008-2009 Institute of Ecology
Alex Stepick Anthropology Germany 2008-2009 Humboldt University of Berlin
Paul Kowert Political Science Japan 2008-2009 Tohoku University
Bianca Premo History Spain 2008-2009 University of Castilla-La Mancha
Michael McClain Environmental Sciences Dominican Republic 2005-2006 Autonomous University of Santo Domingo
Gary Campbell Music Germany 2003-2004 Academy of Music Hans Eisler
Karen Paul Business Bolivia 2002-2003 Catholic University
Karen Garner History Lithuania 2002-2003 Vilnius University
Carole Boyce Davies Literature Trinidad and Tobago 2001-2002 University of the West Indies
Timothy Power Political Science Brazil 2001-2002 Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Elisabeth Prugl Political Science Germany 2001-2002 University of Bremen
Christine Gudorf Religious Studies Indonesia 2001-2002 Godjah Mada University
Marifeli Perez-Stable Sociology Spain 2000-2001 University Institute of Ortega and Gasset
Felix Martin Political Science Spain 2000-2001 University of Alcala
John Clark Political Science Uganda 1999-2000 Makerere University
Alex Lichtenstein History South Africa 1999-2000 University of the Western Cape
Joel Heinen Environmental Sciences Kyrgyzstan 1999-2000 International University of Kyrgyzstan
Cheryl Rubenberg Political Science Palestinian Territories (West Bank) 1998-1999 Birzeit University
Joseph Patrouch History Austria 1998-1999 University of Vienna
Christopher Gray History South Africa 1998-1999 University of Natal
John Wrieden Law Germany 1998-1999 University of Rostock
Cheryl Rubenberg Political Science Palestinian Territories (West Bank) 1997-1998 Birzeit University
Linda Strong-Leek Literature Zimbabwe 1997-1998 University of Zimbabwe
Clarence Taylor History Germany 1997-1998 Technical University of Chemnitz
Laura Kelly Communications Albania 1997-1998 University of Tirana
Orlando Garcia Music Spain 1996-1997 University of Salamanca
Joel Gottlieb Political Science Japan 1996-1997 University of Tokyo
Guillermo Grenier Sociology Spain 1996-1997 University of Alcala de Henares
Maria Espino Economics Colombia 1994-1995 University of the Andes
William Vickers Anthropology Ecuador 1994-1995 Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences
Gail Maguire Sociology Iceland 1994-1995 University of Iceland
Donald Klingner Public Administration Panama 1993-1994 Various Institutions
Suzanne Koptur Biology Mexico 1993-1994 Institute of Ecology
Paul Schlachter Business Costa Rica 1993-1994 University of Costa Rica
Janice Hayes Education Jamaica 1993-1994 Caribbean Child Development Center
Adele Newson Literature South Africa 1992-1993 University of Potchefstroom
Orlando Garcia Music Venezuela 1991-1992 Central University of Venezuela
Irina Andreescu-Treadgold Art History Germany 1991-1992 Free University  , Technical University of Berlin
Dario Moreno Political Science Costa Rica 1990-1991 National University
Alex Stepick Anthropology Mexico 1990-1991 Centro de Investigacion y Estudios Superiores de Antropologia
John Makemson Biology Bahrain 1989-1990 University of Bahrain
Gregory Wolfe Political Science Ecuador 1989-1990 Various Institutions
Constantino Torres Arts Chile 1987-1988 Museum of Pre-Columbian Art
Leonardo Rodriguez Business Chile 1987-1988 Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Mark Szuchman History Uruguay 1986-1987 CIESU
Marta Ortiz-Buonafina Business Guatemala 1986-1987 Francisco Marroquin University
Mark Rosenberg Political Science Honduras 1982-1983 National University of Honduras
George Sowards Education Portugal 1981-1982 Min Ed&Culture
John Jensen Language Colombia 1981-1982 Various Institutions
John Corbett Public Administration Mexico 1981-1982
Jim Hall Language Spain 1979-1980 Universidad de Deusto
Richard Sugg Humanities Czech Republic 1979-1980 Purkyne University
Robert Farrell Education Ecuador 1975-1976 University of Cat Sant Guay